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At Rosedale we believe that food choices and variety are important. Our residents always have options at every meal. A daily evening meal is included in the monthly rental package. An a-la-carte menu is available for each meal. All meals are served at the table except for Brunch or Buffet events.

Special meals and special diets can be arranged through the Dining Room staff.

Residents are welcome to purchase a breakfast or lunch package. These can also be purchased individually.

Guests and family are welcome to dine with residents.

Our residents and their families are welcome to book a larger room for various functions, such as birthdays, family gatherings, Christmas celebrations, meetings, etc. These bookings are made through our Recreation Department.

Rosedale Food Committee welcomes residents to join and offer feedback.

Rosedale dining features:

  • Full Service Menu
  • Residents are served at their table
  • All Day Access to Complimentary Coffee in the Dining Room
  • Semi-Private Dining Areas
  • Warm, Friendly Service and D├ęcor
  • Sunday Brunch Buffet & Special Events Nights
  • Visitors and family are welcome
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    The Villa
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